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Hack the Cover

Let’s build our digital books for them; delighted, starting with the cover, hacks and all.

A wonderful piece on e-book covers.

Need an idea for a startup? A service that makes it easy to create beautiful and delightful e-ink images for book covers.

Piece by piece we’re taking the power of the gate keepers and putting it in the hands of the masses.

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Everyone Is A Publisher - We’re One Step Closer

I saw the launch of Readlists from the Readability guys yesterday. It’s an important step forward for the web and I think a signal of what is to come.

What is Readlists

 Easy Kindle Publishing

The killer feature here is easy kindle publishing. You plug in a bunch of URLs and with one click you can send a whole bunch of content to your kindle.

It’s all about curation right now but I’m excited to see where this goes. Right now the perception is that the Kindle is just for e-books. But in reality it’s so much more than that, the media is changing and services like this help to completely turn the perception of the Kindle on it’s head.

Everyone is a publisher.

 See It In Action

Here is a demo Readlist I created that you can download to your kindle. It’s a random smattering of some articles I’ve loved in recent times. If the iframe isn’t working for you on mobile or rss then click here to check it out.

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Mastery & Mimicry

In 1930, Gandhi spent 8 months in the Yerawada Jail in western India. During that time, he invented a new spinning wheel that came to be known as the Yerawada charkha. The Yerawada charkha is one of the more beautiful pieces of technology I’ve seen; it’s elegant, easy-to-build, and efficient.

Gandhi made the spinning wheel a linchpin of his independence campaign. And it worked. By spinning their own cloth, poverty-stricken villagers gave themselves a source of income and spiritual sustenance. They freed themselves from their dependence on the British textile industry. And they spawned an ecosystem of trades and tools, from weaving to dying to washing to carpentry, that restored vibrancy to the villages.

This is a wonderful read about technology and psychology and the interdependence of the two. If you don’t like the format try the printable version instead

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Let’s Instagram The Web

Wouldn’t it be cool if we built the Instagram for desktop?

On first glance that might sound ridiculous. But I believe there’s a market for it and no one’s done it well yet.

As a user I desperately want a simple way to grab a portion of a page as an image and share it with friends. Something that doesn’t require “saving” or “uploading”.

This functionality is massively popular on mobile. We’ve had cameras in our phones for close to 10 years now.

On the desktop, grabbing an image of a page is non-standard and most of my friends still don’t really know how to put an image in an email. You need some kind of chrome add-on, firefox extension or desktop app combined usually with a file hosting service.

Unless you write blog posts regularly you likely don’t know about imgur and don’t know how to grab screenshots quickly and easily. But people love sharing images and the web is visual. So

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The “Real” Real-Time Web

It started with a simple idea—an online version of the classic arcade game Asteroids, but on a massively multiplayer scale.

It would support hundreds of players at once, thanks to a scalable network backend. It would be real-time, meaning that every player would see every shot and every movement simultaneously without delay.

Unfortunately for the Hacker News community—where an MMO Asteroids “prototype” would eventually make the front page—it all turned out to be fake. April Fools.

[…] Vikrum Nijjar, however, took that as a challenge. He believed it could be done. And as luck would have it, he had been developing just the software needed to make it a reality

[…] His MMO Asteroids prototype made the Hacker News front page too. And this time, it was actually real

I’ve been dreaming of large scale real-time interactive games for a long time. This piece breaks down the events that led

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595 Posts on Svbtle & Me

I’ve joined the Svbtle network. I’ve long been an admirer of the work that Dustin Curtis has done and I’m excited and honored to join the network:

The Svbtle Network is an experiment that brings some of the best things from newspapers (editing, vetting, etc) to a network of independent bloggers. It is focused on the writing, the news, and the ideas. Everything else is secondary. - Codename: Svbtle

Why am I joining? Because I’m fanatical about content. And typography. And the force of ideas.

 Who Am I?

I’m a tech geek, marketer and fiercely curious individual. I live in Brooklyn, NY and work for Distilled.

 The State of Svbtle

Those are the colors currently present on the network. And now there’s me too:


Since I’m a maths geek I thought I’d break down what’s going on with Svbtle right now. As of writing there are:

  • 28 writers on Svbtle

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